Healing Hearts at Samaritan

Samaritan Counseling, Guidance, Consulting: 

Offering Hope and Healing in Western Pennsylvania

​​For those who suffer with emotional, relational, or spiritual pain, we offer compassionate care that helps them to heal, gives them hope, and allows them to change. Like the biblical Samaritan who stopped to help the injured man on the road, we take care of people when they’re wounded and feeling abandoned. Our therapists tend to internal wounds from a faith-based approach, while utilizing the best clinical practices available. 

Samaritan also provides guidance through spiritual direction, specialized groups, and educational programs, and offers consulting with pastors and congregations to help them enrich their ministries.

Healing a Heart with Every Swing

​We serve all people who come to us for help, without discriminating on any basis—including the inability to pay. This leads to the reason why we’re having this golf outing fundraiser. By participating, you will help to sustain our Samaritan Cares fund which provides fee subsidies for those who lack the resources to pay.


Every dollar you contribute helps to support those who are struggling with a mental health crisis as well as financial hardship.